What AP Looks Like For Us, Part 1: Introduction

10 Jul

I recently read Mayim Bialik’s book, Beyond the Sling, and LOVED it. And I realized why not long after singing its praises to my husband. When you practice attachment parenting, or AP, the absolute best way to quell doubts and get real help is to talk with or read about how other families go through the same things and make it out on the other end, in an AP way. I was part of a mommy group in our old town, but it was very hard to do anything but defend my parenting style, due to the fact that I was the only AP mom in the group. I sometimes felt like a freak. I was rarely able to express a need for help and receive something that would work for the way we choose to parent. It’s not a knock against those moms, I miss and love them dearly, but I need other AP moms to help with my AP problems.

Enter Mrs. Bialiks’s amazing book. She wrote it in a manner that was perfect for my need. I just needed to know that other AP parents feel the same way I do. And there’s a way to do it all, the AP way. There were aspects of her book that didn’t really apply to my family, like elimination communication, but that just brings to light a wonderful thing I’ve noticed about the AP community. Even though we are like-minded, we are not always exactly same, and that’s okay. In any other parenting community, this is where judgement would enter. And I’m thankful that I just haven’t seen that in any AP community.

The book has led me to write this series of posts to explain what AP looks like for us Clark’s. To help others who have the same issues know that they are not alone, to receive any support from someone having the issue and to offer any helpful support, like Mayim’s book did for me!

Of the many practices of AP our favorites are bedsharing, breastfeeding, and babywearing. (My auto-correct just corrected all those AP terms as two separate words when they are in fact one word terms in AP. Ha!) We also practice gentle discipline, which is becoming very challenging with Max as a 2 1/2 year old, we are responsive, and we believe in nurturing touch. I can’t wait to share us with you. Please come back for the first real look into out AP lives in Part 2: Bedsharing!

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Posted by on July 10, 2012 in Attachment Parenting


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