What AP Looks Like For Us, Part 4: Babywearing

17 Jul

I just spent 5 minutes after writing the title of this post, staring at a blinking cursor, wondering how to begin to describe the way I feel about babywearing. I can tell you there is absolutely nothing negative running through my mind. But I can’t find a word to do it justice. It’s something that is so amazing on so many levels that I could probably write a series of posts on this topic alone! I’ll tell of my experience first, then maybe the words will come.

I used a Moby Wrap with Max, mostly. I did use a Baby Bjorn a few times when he was really little, before I got my Moby, but I felt like he wasn’t very comfy. He loved using the wrap until he could walk, and then he would only use it when he was upset, perhaps from teething or illness. I actually remember posting a Facebook status declaring it a miracle cure for teething fussiness. I look back on our babywearing experience fondly, but it wasn’t such a huge part of our lives. We were more apt to be rolling around a patch of grass…

I knew I would babywear more with Mila for convenience, but I never imagined it would be how we basically lived life. I started with the same blue Moby from Max’s babywearing days. I knew right away, she would be an “in arms” baby. So I also got a Seven Sling, which is like a tube top you wear over one shoulder without any adjustability, and I began asking ring sling users about those little pieces of heaven. The price tag on a ring sling is quite hefty, especially when I already had 2 carriers, so I found the sewing instructions on Maya Wrap’s website and went shopping for fabric. I found this great material for about $18 that I thought would solve the overheating issue I found when trying to use a Moby in warm weather. I ordered rings for about $4 and bought some upholstery thread. Then my mom sat down at her sewing machine and twenty minutes later, I was ring-slinging! The next day, she made some custom modifications, like a panel on the shoulder that hides the stitching and doubles as extra padding. This is, by far, the best piece of baby gear, EVER. I highly recommend it to all parents!

Miss Mila is the princess of babywearing. Slide her into the sling, and she is instantly content. It is her favorite place in the world and I count it a blessing to be giving her something she loves so much. We have done almost everything in our sling and she’s even started to want to sleep on that spot on my body at night, when we’re not even slinging! It’s how I put her to sleep most of the time for naps, and what she rides in when we’re out. (Our stroller has become obsolete.) And she looks absolutely precious, snuggled into her mommy’s chest, thigh chub hanging out over a cute pair of baby legs and then the smallest peek at her dainty toes. (Ahh…sigh!)

I love it so much, I have already started to get sad when I think that a day will come when she won’t want to be wrapped. And while I typically pass on everything I use to other parents, I think I’ll probably keep our ring sling…




Here’s me throwing Max in there for fun…

And my nephews wearing her!


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