Well Old Wives, Looks Like Mila’s Going to Make It.

25 Jul

My Nana, bless her heart, is chock full of those amazing old wives tales. Amongst my favorites are

“Lauren, you can’t use the stairs for at least 2 weeks after having that baby or your uterus will fall out.”


“No, I can’t go in the front door, I came out the back door,” I’m assuming she thinks this is bad luck.

I will admit though, there is one that sounds crazy, but I kind of fall for. I was visiting her one day and was telling her about my friend who recently experienced her baby rolling off the couch. “That’s wonderful! It means the baby will live past 5 years.” Cue my blank stare and head shaking while she nods matter-of-factly.

She later told me she knows that it doesn’t affect a baby’s lifespan, but they used to say this so new mothers wouldn’t feel so awful if it happened to them. Within 2 months of hearing this ol’ gem, Max had rolled himself off the bed and I actually found myself feeling relieved!

Since Mila’s my last, I happy to report that I no longer have to worry about my kids randomly dying before the age of 5. She toppled off the couch today, and after a cursory check of her well being, I smiled. You crazy old bats, you got this momma on one…

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Posted by on July 25, 2012 in Mila, Milestones, Miscellaneous


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